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The Great Expedition patch introduced a lot of new and interesting aspects to life at sea in Black Desert Online. In this BDO sailing guide, I will explain how to get your first ship, how shipbuilding changed, how the new barter system works, sailors and the new sailing skill, and more.

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Before you start sailing you need something to sail. In the old days, we only had rafts, rowboats, and fishing boats. And while those boats are still slightly useful, the first ship you should now get is the Bartali Sailboat.

The best way to get the Bartali Sailboat is by starting the “[The Great Expedition] Oquilla’s Eye” quest chain. This quest chain can be started with the Black Spirit at level 50 with the quest “Vigorous Velia”. After a few quests, you get a free “Ship License: Bartali Sailboat” item. You can also buy the “Ship License: Bartali Sailboat” item from Proix in Velia for 10 million silver if you want to have more than one ship.

Once you have gotten your hands on a ship license you need to go to a Wharf Manager, such as Croix (they’re brothers) in Velia, where you use the license to get your ship. After you’ve registered the ship you can take it out. Try it and see how you like it.

Controlling your ship is pretty straightforward. You steer it with the WSAD buttons or with your mouse like normally. The only thing you need to keep in mind is whether your sails are folded or not. If you are sailing against the wind you want to have your sails folded, but when you have the wind in the back you want to have your sails unfolded. There’s not much you can do about the sea current, but going against it will slow your ship down.

Tip: If you get your ship stuck it sometimes is enough to release the steering wheel (“R” button) and take control again for the ship to come unstuck.

On the ship info screen, you get all the information you need to see how your ship is doing. To access the screen you can either use the F5 button or the R button depending on where you are standing on your ship.

  • DP: The ships armor class
  • Durability: The ship’s hit points.
  • Weight: How much weight the ship can have and how much weight it is carrying, including sailors.
  • Cabin Status: The number of free cabins you have and how many are being used.
  • Accumulated Barter: The number of Barter deals you have made on that ship in total.
  • Rations: The number of rations you have and the maximum number you can carry. Rations are used up regularly while sailing and doing “Bartering” actions.
  • Sea Current Resistance: How affected your ship is to sea currents.
  • Sea Strom Resistance: How affected your ship is to sea storms.
  • Speed: The base speed of your ship.
  • Accel.: How fast your ships can accelerate.
  • Turn: How maneuverable your ship is.
  • Brake: How quickly your ship can decelerate.
  • Damage: Any damage bonus that is applied to your ship’s cannons (and maybe ramming??).
  • Ration Efficiency: How efficient your rations are, a higher number means fewer rations used.
  • Resilience: Not sure.

You can also equip ship gear on this screen. There are five types of ship gear with two tiers, green and blue. As usual, the blue grade is more expensive but gives somewhat better stats. There are also two versions of each blue grade gear and then there is separate gear for sailboats and frigates.

The Bartali Sailboat uses the Epheria Sailboat gear so be sure to buy that from the Wharf Manager.

Green grade gear is purchasable from Croix the Wharf Manager NPC in Velia. To get your hands on blue grade gear you will either need to make it yourself or buy it from the central market. To craft blue ship gear you need to have a level 4 ship gear workshop. There is one like that in Port Epheria.

Finally, you can see the extra abilities you get with your ship once your sailing skill reaches a certain point. A lot of players aim for skilled 1 as that lets them use the Breezy Sail skill which increases the ship’s speed.

The next thing we need to know is how sailors work.

To hire your good sailor you need to buy a “Sailor Contract Certificate”. You can buy them from Philaberto Falasi in Epheria, Islin Bartali at Velia’s Inn, and Criox at Velia docks. Once you have a certificate you need to find and talk to a sailor looking for a job and hire them through the chat interface.

To find the location of sailors looking for a job you can talk to Philaberto, Croix or Islin and ask them about hiring sailors. This will show you the location of sailors looking for a job, which is the beach in Epheria, inside Velia’s Inn (not the one at the docks) and at the harbor in Iliya.

Sailors looking for a job have a tag above their head which tells you what type of sailor he is. The table below has all the starting stats on each type of sailor you can get so you should refer to it when you are getting yourself a new sailor. Now as your sailors gain experience these stats will also improve to some extent.

Which type of sailor is best depends entirely on what you intend to do with your ship. If you are going to use it for trading and bartering then sailors with speed boosts and low weight are best, such as innocent and ambitious types, while if you intend to use your ship for combat situations of some sort then sailors which give your ship better turn, break and acceleration become more important.

In the image above you can see the sailor interface. The first stat is the sailor’s appetite which is the number of rations the sailor consumes each cycle and cabin cost is the cabin space the sailor needs. Weight is also important as this number is redacted from the total carrying capacity of your ship. So having a heavy crewmember reduces the weight of goods you can carry without slowing down.

Next are the sailor’s abilities. The first four abilities of the sailor are Endurance (Speed), Wits (Acceleration), Awareness (Turn), and Strength (Brake). The sailor’s ability with these skills is added directly to the respective ship’s stat.

The later four abilities are only gained when the sailor reaches level 10. Seasoned Sailor reduces the negative effects of sea currents, Son of the Wind reduces the effect of sea storms, Abstain reduces the number of rations needed each cycle and Natural Born Soldier gives your ship extra resilience.

A sailor’s condition can become worsened, for example, if you run out of rations while out on the sea. You need to feed your sailor with raisin bread to restore his condition. You can buy raisin bread from the same NPC’s that sell you a sailor contract or in the central market. If a sailors condition reaches 0 he becomes sick. To cure him you need to give him an Elixir of Regeneration.

You sailor can get experience in the following ways:

  • From bartering
  • Randomly while sailing

You start out with a single slot for sailors. To get more sailors you need to get “Sailor Oath’s” which are items that grant you extra sailor slots when used. The “best” way to get them is by continuing the Great Expedition questline mentioned before. The one that started with the Black Spirit at level 50 with the quest “Vigorous Velia”. This questline will, after you get Bartali’s Sailboat, also give you in total five sailor’s oaths. You can then use those oaths to expand your sailor slots.

There are a couple of quest chains that are great to complete if you intend on a life at sea. These are the [ADV] Exploring the Balenos Sea and [ADV] Exploring the Calpheon Sea. You can find them in your quest tab which opens by pressing the “O” button. Once you have completed these chains you will have discovered all the islands north of the area between Velia and Epheria.

After completing those two chains you could also bark upon “The Uncharted Sea, History of Margoria” questline and “Call of the Ocean: Journey to the Deep Sea.

Now once you are familiar with your ship and perhaps even gotten yourself an Epheria sailboat it is time to start increasing your sailing skill to at least skilled 1.

To do this you sort of need to complete a few daily quests. You can just sail around in the Margoria sea, but that is a really slow way to get sailing experience.

  • In Velia from Miya
  • Delivering Goods — You will need to deliver goods to a specific island (Tinberra or Narvo or Baremi)
  • For a Wider Trade Route — Barter successfully three times.
  • In Velia from Proix
  • Wanted: Hungry Sea Creatures — Kill three Ocean Stalkers or Hekaru
  • Wanted: Cox Scouts in Disguise — Kill in total 20 of Drunk Snipers, Barracks or Pirate Flags.
  • [Daily] How to Recover Sailors — Cook 3 Chowder and give to Proix
  • In Velia from Croix
  • A Treasure Swimming in the Ocean — Kill Hekaru or Ocean Stalker
  • Outlaws in the Ocean — Kill Goldmont Large Battleship
  • Stay Sharp — Kill Goldmont Small Battleship
  • In Port Epheria
  • A Treasure Swimming in the Ocean — Kill Hekaru or Ocean Stalker
  • Outlaws in the Ocean — Kill Goldmont Large Battleship
  • Stay Sharp — Kill Goldmont Small Battleship
  • In Port Ratt from Sihuram
  • Through the Rough Tides — Deliver goods to one of four locations.

The quests in bold are quests that you can easily do solo. The others are doable solo, but much harder than with a group.

The next step you can take is to upgrade your Bartali Sailboat to either an Epheria Sailboat or an Epheria Frigate. This step is important as it decides which ship path you take from thereon. The image here below shows you the upgrade path you can take from the Bartali Sailboat.

As a rule of thumb, if you want to emphasize bartering you go for a sailboat, but if you want to go sea monster hunting or take part in combat, then the Epheria frigate is a better choice.

Now to upgrade your ship you first need to get all of the ship’s green gear to enhancement level +10 (see my bdo enhancement guide). You also need to collect the required materials which are:

  • 800 x Standardized Timber Squares
  • 1500 x Pine Plywood
  • 600 x Steel Ingots
  • 300 x Flax Fabric
  • 100 x Hard Pillar
  • Ship Upgrade Permit: Epheria Sailboat
  • 1000 x Standardized Timber Squares
  • 1000 x Pine Coated Plywood
  • 800 x Jade Coral Ingots
  • 450 x Enhanced Flax Fabric
  • 100 x Hard Pillar
  • Ship Upgrade Permit: Epheria Frigate

Once you have then in storage at a town with a wharf you can bring your Bartali Sailboat there and use the wharf manager to upgrade your ship into either an Epheria frigate or Epheria sailboat.

The same method is then used to upgrade your ships even further, which means that you don’t need to constantly buy new ships, you can just concentrate on upgrading one or two of them.

The bartering system is an interesting add-on for those of us that enjoy playing on the sea. In simple terms, it is a way to turn land-based resources into bartering items step-by-step from level 1 to level 5 and then turn the level 5 items into sea coins.

Because bartering is the only way you can get some of the materials needed for the higher grade ships and ship gear. And unless you have no interest in Black Deserts Ocean content then you sort of need to get the better ships and ship gear.

Bartering can also be a way to earn some silver and even a decent way once you reach the higher tiers of bartering.

And finally, in my opinion, bartering is the best way to level up your sailors.

To be able to barter you will need to use a Bartali’s Sailboat or any higher-tiered ship. You cannot barter in a fishing boat or rowboat. You will also need to have the materials you intend to use for the barter in the ship’s cargo hold. You can load and unload a ship’s cargo hold at the wharf manager NPC.

To see what materials you need to start your bartering chain you can open up the bartering interface. There you will see all the bartering options you have available, regardless of wither you have discovered the island with the bartering option.

When you first start bartering you will only see a single bartering chain. My first one was 30 Clown’s Blood –> Golden Sand –> Cron Castle Gold Coins –> Old Hourglass –> Solidified Lava –> Azure Quarts –> Sea coins. Each step of the chain gives you either the same amount as the bartered item or more. This means that once you complete a bartering chain you will be left with surplus materials.

For this chain, I had the following items left once I completed the chain: 4 golden sand, 2 Cron castle gold coins, 6 old hourglasses, 8 solidified lava and four azure crystals. I could sell the higher tiered items for 44 million silver or keep them in the hopes of using them to complete another bartering chain faster.

Once you have completed a chain, you need to open the “Barter Information” screen to refresh the possible barters you can perform. You can refresh this earlier, but for your first run, I suggest completing the chain. As your bartering continues you will get access to more chains and a wider availability of bartering options.

So that’s about all you need to know to successfully start your sailing career. If you found this guide useful then please share it with your friends and allies in BDO. So good luck on the seas and by the way, I also have a few other guides you might find useful.

There are three different ways to play Star Wars: The Old Republic when it comes to subscribing to the game: free to play, preferred, and subscribed. In this video, we’ll be going over what those three different playstyles are like at a high and low level, the restrictions and perks, and some info about when you should choose to subscribe or unsubscribe.


  • What are the differences?
  • Preferred and Free-to-play Comparison Chart
  • What can I do as a Free-to-play player?
  • SWTOR Referral Code (free stuff if you are preferred!)

Here’s a quick over view of the different ways to play.

When you first download the game, you start off as a free to play player. That means you haven’t invested any money into the game, and are trying it out as a demo to see if you like it.

You can access so much of the game while playing for free, including all eight of the original class stories, and the first two expansions are now also free. The drawback to playing free is that there are lots of small annoying restrictions like only being allowed to hold so many credits, not getting the best armor, and being locked out of some of the endgame high-level activities, but as far as things go, SWTOR has one of the best free demos out there.

Some of the biggest drawbacks of being a free-to-play player is that there won’t be a lot for you to do once you complete you class storyline and the first two expansions and reach the free-to-play maximum of level 60.

Subscribing is when you pay monthly for the game, at about $15 a month. Subscribing gives you access to 100% of the game’s content, including all of the expansions and no restrictions. When you subscribe, you unlock all the current expansions and can play them forever, even if you choose to unsubscribe the next month.

There’s also an in-between state called preferred. Preferred players have a few less restrictions than free-to-play-players, and you can become a preferred player by spending at least $5 on the game either by subscribing for at least one month or by buying some cartel coins. Most preferred players are players that subscribed in the past, but are not currently subscribing. If you subscribed in the past, you’ll keep any expansions you had before, but won’t be able to play any newly released ones until you subscribe again. If you’re currently a preferred player, and are unable to progress all the way to level 75, you will need to subscribe to unlock the most recent expansion.

As a low level character, a majority of the free-to-play and or preferred restrictions you face will be convenience-based. None of them will stop you from playing and enjoying the main storyline for free, and as you play you will have to decide if you are willing to put up with the restrictions and continue playing without having to pay, if want to subscribe to remove the restrictions, or if you want to instead go play a game with a different subscription model. Most veteran players believe that the free-to-play model offers a lot in the way of hundreds of hours of gameplay and is worth either subscribing to or putting up with the many convenience restrictions as a free player, while other players do not like that the game has convenience restrictions at all and would rather play a true unlimited free-to-play game.

Personally, I have played over 50 hours on my free-to-play account, and I found the restrictions to be quite mild in return for the story game-play I got to enjoy for free. I could even run more than enough low-level group content to satisfy my more casual playstyle, where I played for a few hours a few times a week. However, after somewhere between 100–200 hours of gameplay playing casually, once I reached the end of the second expansion and reached my level cap of 60, I would probably have to decide what I’d like to do next, as my level would lock me out of most endgame activities, and I’d have played all the story content offered to my character at that point. If I didn’t want to subscribe, I could of course go start a new character from scratch level 1 and see an entirely different set of story quests.

At a high level, the game becomes more restrictive if you decide to play free-to-play. You will not be able to progress past level 60, you won’t be able to access the expansions and their stories, and a few of the convenience restrictions, like the credit cap and the artifact authorization, will become a lot more frustrating. At this point, if you’ve played the amount of time it takes to reach level 60, I highly recommend to subscribe for at least one month. This will unlock five expansions worth of story for you, which will remain unlocked even after you unsubscribe.

However, if you unsubscribe after and decide to play as a high-level preferred player, you will still run in to some frustrating restrictions, including the credit cap, the artifact authorization, the inability to run 8-person Operations, and being unable to run unlimited Player-vs-Player matches or run Ranked PvP at all. However, if you’re willing to forgo those fun group activities, the game still offers a lot for solo and story players.

  • If you are new to the game and are enjoying it, it’s almost always recommended that you subscribe at least for one month to unlock all the expansions and upgrade your account to preferred.
  • If you are a returning player who has not subscribed in a while, it is also recommended you subscribe for at least one month to unlock the most recent story and level expansions so you can catch up.
  • If you are a low-level and still feeling out the game, you really don’t need to subscribe yet. You’ll want to subscribe eventually if you keep playing, to unlock the expansions, but you don’t have to subscribe right away!
  • If you are on a tight budget, I do not recommend subscribing. The game has a lot to offer for free if you are willing to work around the restrictions. I’ve got another video about tips for free-to-play players!
  • If you are level 60 and have completed your class story and the first two expansions, you will absolutely want to subscribe for at least one month so you can unlock the later expansions. Whether you want to stay subscribe after that month is up to you. If you are mostly a solo player, you can play a lot of the game as a preferred player by continuing to explore all the planet storylines, the dailies, and by creating new characters.
  • If you want to play PvP on a regular basis, I highly recommend subscribing so you can queue for unlimited matches and work on upgrading your gear at level 75. Don’t forget though, you can queue for unlimited matches as a free-to-play or preferred player if you queue up with a subscribed friend, or you can run 10 per character per week otherwise so you can simply hop between characters to continue playing when you reach your limit. If you want to play Ranked PvP you must be subscribed.
  • If you want to play Operations at level 75, you must subscribe. Operations, sometimes known as raids in other games, are not available to free-to-play or preferred players.

That should give you a good idea in general about the differences between free-to-play, preferred, and subscribing, and whether or not you should subscribe or not. If you’re looking for more information, I’ve got a link in the description of this video to a full breakdown of the convenience restrictions, and what types of gameplay are available to free-to-play, preferred and subscribed players.

Hover over the info text for more information about the content restrictions and potential work arounds.

ContentF2PPreferredSubscriberInfoClass StoriesYesYesYesAll players can play all 8 original class stories, all original planetary stories, and all original exploratory stories.Expansion 1: Rise of the Hutt CartelYesYesYesAll players have access to the first expansion.Expansion 2: Shadow of RevanYesYesYesAll players have access to the second expansion.Expansion 3: Knights of the Fallen EmpireNoMaybeYesKnights of the Fallen Empire is only available to Preferred players who have subscribed since the expansion was released in 2016.Expansion 4: Knights of the Eternal ThroneNoMaybeYesKnights of the Eternal Throne is only available to Preferred players who have subscribed since the expansion was released in 2017.Expansion 5: OnslaughtNoMaybeYesExpansion 5: Onslaught is only available to Preferred players who have subscribed since the expansion was released in 2019.OperationsNoNoYesOnly subscribers can play Operations, the 8-man and 16-man endgame content in the game sometimes known as raids for level 75 players.PvP10 per Week10 per WeekYesPlayers are limited to 10 Player-vs-Player matches per character per week. However, even free-to-play and preferred players can urn unlimited warzones if they queue up with another player who is subscribed.Ranked PvPNoNoYesOnly subscribers can participate in the competitive player-vs-player Ranked PvP matches.Space Missions10 per Week10 per WeekYesPlayers can run a maximum of 10 solo space missions per character per week. Space missions are a fun minigame and are not a part of the main levelling experience.UprisingsNoNoYesUprisings are similar to group Flashpoints but offer less story and more mechanics. They are only available to subscribers. They are not played very often compared to normal Flashpoints.Galactic StarfighterYesYesYesGSF is available to all players starting at level 1. subscribers earn currency which can be spent on upgrading ships at a much faster rate than free-to-play and preferred players.QuestingYesYesYesAll players have access to questing across the galaxy and on different planets. More quests are unlocked by unlocking the expansions. Players with more expansions unlocked will have access to more planetary, daily and weekly quests than free-to-play players.Player HousingYesYesYesFree-to-play and Preferred players are limited to more basic housing due to the credit cap, but can fully unlock the Coruscant and Dromund Kaas strongholds over time. All players can decorate their strongholds with a large variety of decorations that can be earned, bought or crafted.ReputationYesYesYesAll players can work on their Reputation, a progression track geared towards solo players at endgame that offers cosmetic rewards. Free-to-play players have access to less Reputation tracks than players who have unlocked the expansions.EventsYesYesYesAll players can participate in limited-time events.Endgame GearingNoLimitedYesFree-to-play players can no longer level up once they reach level 60, which means they do not have access to the current level-75 endgame gear, and they do not have a true track when it comes to upgrading or progressing their gear. Preferred players who have not unlocked the latest expansion and are locked between levels 60–70 will face a similar issue. Preferred players who are level 75 will be able to gear up, but much slower. They do not have access to Operations or Ranked PvP to gear up with, can only run limited Warzones for gear per week, and only get 25% of the Renown XP. They do however have access to every other way to gear available in the game. All free-to-play and preferred players will also struggle with gearing as they will not be able to equip any artifact level gear they come across without first buying the artifact authorization unlock. Level 75 Subscribers have access to the full gearing system and all the ways possible to earn gear. FashionYesYesYesAll players have access to numerous ways to dress up their character, including the Outfit Designer which allows players to create outfits to wear over their real armor that does not affect their stats. Free-to-play and Preferred players will mostly be limited for fashion when it comes to their credit cap as they can not buy anything that costs over 1,000,000 credits. However, there are many vendor, reputation, and crafted armors the player can earn, and many crafted and cartel market armors players can buy from other players for under a million credits. AchievementsYesYesYesAchievement hunting is available to all players. Players will only be limited when it comes to achievements that are tied to expansions they do not have, or content they do not have access to. A large majority of achievements can be earned even on free-to-play accounts by exploring the planets and participating in the different types of content in the game.CollectingYesYesYesThere are many different collecting routes including armor, weapons, mounts, pets, decorations, crystals, etc. Some items are earned in-game, some are crafted and some are from the Cartel Market. Players will be limited to what they can purchase with their credit cap and to what expansions they have been unlocked, but there is a lot to collect even on a free-to-play account and a huge amount to collect on a preferred account.

Hover over the info text for more information about the convenience restrictions and potential work arounds.

UnlockF2PPreferredSubscriberInfoXPNormalNormal20% fasterSubscribers receive XP 20% faster after level 20, until then all players earn it at the same rate. Note that the current rate of leveling is extremely fast even without the extra 20% boost.Artifact GearNoNoYesPlayers who are free-to-play will rarely come across purple-bordered Artifact gear except in Flashpoints at a low level, but more purple gear starts showing up in the expansions. Preferred players can usually continue wearing any purple gear they already have equipped, but will not be able to equip any new purple gear they earn. The unlock for free-to-play and preferred players costs 1,200 CC for one character or 2,700 CC for the account, but does not allow players to earn any extra gear — it only allows them to wear any they have picked up, so this unlock is not recommended for free-to-play players who get very little purple gear.Credit Cap1,000,0001,000,0004 BillionFree-to-play and preferred players can only hold 1,000,000 credits. Any credits you earn beyond that point will be thrown into an escrow — a bank that holds your excess credits that you will be returned to you the next time you subscribe. You can also buy escrow unlocks with cartel coins that will grant you a chunk of credits from your escrow and temporarily bump your credit cap, but won’t permanently make your credit cap higher. The Credit Cap is bay far one of the largest convenience restriction for high-level characters, but it will not affect low-level characters for a long time. Subscribers can hold up to 4 billion credits at a time, but it’s a technical limit, not a subscription limit. Players of all types can place infinite credits in to their Legacy Bank to keep them from going in to escrow, though they will only ever be able to withdraw up to their credit cap limit.Hide Head SlotNoNoYesFree-to-play and preferred players can not choose to hide their helmets or masks. Often, the game has a bug where the player’s helmet or mask gets hidden on accident, even if the player does not have the unlock. The unlock for free-to-play and preferred players costs 280 CC per character or 750 CC per account. Alternatively, the player can choose not to wear a helmet at all for easier content, to wear a helmet or mask they like the look of, or wear smaller headpiece like a circlet.Unify ColorsNoNoYesFree-to-play and preferred players can not choose to unify the colors of their armor so all pieces automatically look good together and match. Often, the game has a bug where the player’s colors become unified, even if the player does not have the unlock. The unlock for free-to-play and preferred players costs 210 CC per character or 750 CC per account. Alternatively, the player can choose pieces that go well together without being unified, or use dyes in each individual piece to make them match each other. Preferred players who were previously subscribed can also get the unify colors unlock for free for all character by using a referral link.ChatYes, once a minuteYes, small timerYesPlayers can use chat to speak to other players on the planet. Free-to-play accounts are limited to one message per minute, and preferred players have a short time limit of one message every 15 seconds. This is to help prevent spam. I have also heard some free-to-play players can not chat and are prompted to subscribe — this is confusing, and I am unsure why it’s happening — you may have to reach level 25 to chat (this was a restriction that has been removed but may still be applying for some accounts?)Credit CostNormalNormalLessSubscribers pay slightly less credits for most in-game purchases from the user interface or from in-game vendors. There are also some things that normally cost credits, like respecialization, which are free to subscribers.Credit GainNormalNormalMoreSubscribers gain 20% more credits than free-to-play players.Crew Skills123Free-to-play players can only have 1 crew (crafting) skill per character. Preferred players get 2, aand subscribers get the max of 3. However, if you are a former subscriber and are currently preferred, you can unlock a third screw skill for your character by using a referral link from another subscribed player. Free-to-play and non-previously-subscribed preferred players can purchase additional crew skill slots at 420 CC per crew skill per character or 950 CC per crew skill for every character on the account, for a total of 3 crew skills per character.Crafting Queue11AllFree-to-play players can only craft a single item at a time per companion, while subscribers can queue items up 5 to be crafted per companion.Character Slots 41224Free-to-play players can have 4 character per sever, for a total of 20 characters across all servers. This more than enough to try a variety of classes. Preferred and subscribers may have more unlocked through promotions, character unlock slots, or Outlander / Commander tokens. Additional characters lots can be unlocked at 600 CC per slot on each server for a max of 100 slots per server.GTN Slots2550Free-to-play players can only sell 2 items at a time on the GTN player market per character, preferred players can sell 5, and subscribers can sell 50. More slots can be purchased at a cost of 10 slots for 100 CC per characters or 10 slots for 280 CC for every character on the account.Inventory Rows668All players get 3 inventory rows for free. Free-to-play and preferred players can purchase 3 additional rows with credits, while subscribers can purchase all 5 additional rows with credits. An additional row of inventory unlock can be purchased for 170 CC per character or a row for every character on the account for 390 CC. Preferred players who were previously subscribed can also get one free inventory row per character by using a referral link. Personal BankNoMaybeYesPlayers can store bound items in their Cargo Hold, sometimes known as their green bank. Free-to-play and Preferred players can unlock access to their cargo hold, but do not have access by default. The unlock costs 470 CC per character or 1,050 CC for the entire account. Preferred players who previously subscribed retain access to their bank and bank tabs they got while subscribed, but can not buy any new tabs with credits. Subscribers can buy additional tabs with credits. Additional Cargo Hold tabs can be purchased at 470 CC per tab per character by all players, or 1,050 CC per tab for every character on the account for a total of 6 tabs per character. [[I think preferred players that did not subscribe may receive a single tab Cargo Hold, but I am not sure.]]Legacy BankYesYesYesAll players have access to the yellow legacy bank, including free-to-play and preferred players. All players can store unlimited credit funds in the legacy bank.Guild BankNoNoYesIf a player is in a guild, they will not be able to access the guild bank even if they are of the correct rank if they are on a free-to-play of preferred account. An unlock to access the guild bank inventory can be purchased for 600 CC per character or 1,080 CC for the entire account, but it still does not grant access to the guild credit fund, including the ability to summon which costs credits.MailReceive OnlyYes, but not creditsYesPlayers can send mail with credits and items between their characters and to other players. Free-to-play players can only receive mail, they can not send it at all. Preferred players can send mail with a limit of one item attached, and can not mail credits at all. Subscribers can send mail with credits and up to 8 items attached per mail. This is to prevent spam.SprintLevel 10Level 1Level 1All players access the Sprint ability which lets them run faster. Subscribers and preferred players get it at level 1, and free-to-play players get it at level 10.MountLevel 25Level 25Level 10All players can get a mount which allows them to move faster, subscribers get it at level 10. All players can purchase the ability to use a mount as early as level 1 with an unlock that costs 450 CC per character, or purchase a legacy unlock that requires legacy level 2 and 40,000 credits.Quickbars356Quickbars are where players store their abilities during combat. Free-to-play players can access 3 quickbars (36 abilities), preferred players can access 5 (60 abilities) and subscribers can access all 6 (72 abilities). Most players should be able to store most of their combat abilities across 3 bars even at higher levels, and use the additional bars for useful abilities that are not used during combat. Additional quickbars can be unlocked at 200 CC per character, or 540 CC for an additional quickbar for every character on the account for a total of 6 quickbars.RenownNo25%100%Players who reach level 75 have the ability to earn extra gear through the Renown system, which gratns a random box of gear based on xp you earn after you reach level 75. Preferred players can continue to earn gear this way even after they unsubscribe, but at a reduced rate. Preferred players who do not have the later expansions unlocked can not access the level 75 Renown system. Flashpoint DropsLimit 10Limit 10YesPlayers who run Flashpoints receive many rewards for running them, from xp to credits to items. Free-to-play and preferred who run group flashpoints will be limited to rewards from 10 of the last Flashpoint bosses per week. They will still get the other rewards.Rest XPNoNoYesSubscribed players can end their day at a cantina or other rest area and earn xp faster the next time they log in.SpeciesLimitedLimitedMore OptionsAll players can make a Human, Cyborg or Zabrak character. Subscribers will have some additional choices available per class, but can not automatically make any species for any class.

  • Chiss: Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents
  • Miraluka: Jedi Knights and Jedi Consulars
  • Mirialan: All Republic classes
  • Rattataki: Bounty Hunters, Imperial Agents, and Sith Inquisitors
  • Sith Pureblood: Sith Warriors and Inquisitors
  • Twi’lek: Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Smuggler, and Sith Inquisitor

To unlock additional species, for example to play a Pureblood Sith as a Jedi Knight, players will need to unlock that species through legacy or through an item unlock. Additional species unlocks cost 600 CC, or 1,500,000 credits and any level 50 character (subscribers only), or requires you to level 50 on one of the above listed combinations for that species (subscription required to create the character without the unlock, but you do not need to maintain the subscription after). Togruta, Cathar and Nautolan all require a Cartel Market 600 CC unlock and can not be unlocked the normal ways.TradeNoAfter Level 10YesFree-to-play players can not trade, preferred players can trade after level 10, subscribers can trade normally. This is to prevent spam.ValorNormalNormal20% fasterValor is a type of rank earned through PvP. Players earn Valor 20% faster if they are subscribers after level 20.Outfit Designer4516All players receive one free outfit slot. Free-to-players can purchase up to a total of four slots with credits, preferred can purchase up to the 5th, while subscribers can purchase up to the max of 16 with credits. Additional outfit designer slots can be purchased by all players at 120 CC per slot per character or 300 CC for a slot for each character on the account, for a total of 16 slots per character.Companion CustomizationNoNoYesPlayers can customize the way their companions look with companion customization skins. Free-to-play players can not customize their companions by default. The ability to customize your companion can be unlocked for 320 CC per character or 720 CC for all characters on the account. Commander TokenNoNoYesPlayers who subscribe for the first time in recent years receive one free Commander Token, which allows them to create a level 60 or 70 character of their choice, which auto-completes previous storylines and allows players to jump in to their choice of the newer expansions.Character Title DisplayNoNoYesFree-to-play players can not choose to display any titles they receive above their character name. The unlock to display titles costs 90 CC per character or 200 CC for every character on the account. Preferred players who have subscribed in the past can get this unlock for free by using a referral link.Legacy Name DisplayNoNoYesFree-to-play players can not choose to display the legacy name they choose at level 20 near their character name. The unlock to display legacy name costs 50 CC per character or 200 CC for every character on the account.Guild LeaderNoNoYesPlayers who are subscribers and choose to unsubscribe will have their guild leadership automatically passed down to the next senior member who is a subscriber. The only exception is if all players in the guild are not subscribed, free-to-play guild leaders can only run free-to-play guilds.Who FunctionNot AvailableYesYesPlayers can use the /who function to looks up other players and guilds. Free-to-play players can not use this to help prevent spam.SupportLimitedLimitedFullAll players have full access to support when it comes to these problems, and it is highly recommend that players call support if they run in to these types if issues: login issues, password issues, billing issues, refund issues. However other types of support, like technical support, bug reports, or in-game issues, are limited to subscribers, who can call, email, or submit and in-game ticket. Free-to-play and preferred players do not have any access to the in-game ticket system.

If you’re a preferred player, you might be asking yourself what you can do after you finish all the story content you available, if you aren’t able or interested in subscribing. The game still has a lot to offer!

Many players start a brand new character. Each of the eight classes offers an entirely unique storyline, and each faction has a completely different set of planetary and exploratory quests to try out.

All players now have access to the first two expansions for free, the Rise of the Hutt cartel expansion and the Shadow of Revan expansion. The rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion actually has a completely different story Republic and Imperial side, so I highly recommend playing it once on each faction.

Free-to-play and preferred players also have access to a majority of the flashpoints in the game, so you can group up with others and try out the 4-man group flashpoints. Most flashpoints also now have a solo version available that you can play by yourself.

You also have access to space missions, an on-rails shooter that you can access near your ship’s galaxy map, but you are limited to 10 space missions per week per character.

If you want to try flying in space battles against other players, Galactic Starfighter is available even to free-to-play players.

Don’t forget as a free-to-play player you can also hop into pvp — player vs player warzones — just make sure to grab a subscribed friend to group with if you want to do more than a few matches. You’ll be locked out from q’ing yourself, but if your friend q’s up your group you will be able to do unlimited warzones with them.

Other things free-to-play players can check out are: stronghold decorating, crafting and collecting.

The basic strongholds of Coruscant and Dromund Kaas only cost 5,000 credits for their initial unlock, and you can save up credits to unlock the rest of the stronghold over time.

Heroics are one of the best ways to make credits, even as a free-to- player. There are over a hundred heroics spread across all the planets and they are repeatable daily!

Players can complete daily quests to work on their Reputation and earn cosmetic rewards. Free-to-play players who have completed all the expansions they have available will have access to these dailies and weklies:

  • Corellia Black Hole Daily Area (no Reputation)
  • Voss (Reputation)
  • Macrobinocular & Seeker Droid GSI Quests (Reputation)
  • CZ-198
  • Oricon (Reputation)
  • Rishi (Reputation)
  • Yavin 4 (Reputation)
  • Ziost (no Reputation, but similar rewards)

If there are any limited-time events going on, even fre-to-play players can participate in them!

Crafting unfortunately is severely hindered for fre-to-play and preferred players, as you can only queue up one crafted item per companion at a time instead of queuing up many items and allowing your companions to craft them over time even if you are away from the computer. The good news is if you are crafting for fun and for yourself, rather than as part of a crafting production line, crafting as a free-to-play or preferred player is very viable, especially if you buy the unlock which allows you to have all three crew slots available.

Just keep in mind as a free-to-play or preferred player with a 1,000,00 credit cap, you’ll be severely hindered in any activity that involves buying items!

All players, from level 1 to level 75, can also try out roleplaying — it’s a free activity that’s not supported directly ingame, but something that a lot of players enjoy. Roleplaying is a way of acting as your character, and interacting with other players as if you are your character in chat — you could roleplay as a serene jedi, a hardened trooper, or even an imperial mechanic!

Preferred players will have a lot more options available on top of all those F2P activities, depending on what the last expansion they unlocked was and what level their characters are. Preferred players can check out all the same activities as free-to-play players, but they might also have access to story expansion quests and additional planets and reputation tracks. What exactly you have available will depend on what the last expansion you unlocked was.

  • If you’re stuck at level 60, you’ll have the same options as described above for Free-to-play players.
  • If you’re stuck at level 65, you can replay all the Knights of the Fallen Empire chapters including on the Veteran and Master modes. You can do all the Star Fortress missions and grow your Alliance headquarters through Heroics. You can complete many Alliance alerts to earn companions. You can work on the Eternal Championship on Zakuul.
  • If you’re stuck at level 70, you can do the above, plus play the harder chapters of Knights of the Eternal Throne, complete even more alliance alerts, run the Iokath storyline and dailies, have access to the three repeatable Traitor arc flashpoints that drop some special rewards and decorations, and run the planet of Ossus dailies.
  • If you’re stuck at level 75, you have access to all the above, plus the Onderon dailies reputation track, and the repeatable Mek-sha quests.

Subscribers can do everything free-to-play and preferred players can, but also have access to the newest expansions, all the daily areas, unlimited warzones, operations, no credit cap, no restrictions, and they also get 500 cartel coins a month.

In general, everything is a lot smoother if you are subscribed to the game, but it’s not impossible to play as preferred or free to play player, depending on what you want to do. If you enjoy the game, and have the money, I definitely recommend to subscribe as long as you are actively playing and enjoying the game.

Before you go, if you are currently a preferred player, make sure to watch my video about my referral code — you might be able to get 7 days of free subscription and some other goodies. If you’re completely new to the game and don’t even have an account yet, there’s some goodies there for you too.

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  • 1x Quick Travel Pass
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  • Unlock: Inventory Module
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  • Customization Control: Display Titles
  • Customization Control: Unify Colors
  • One Complimentary Character Transfer for the lifetime of the account.

“Previous Subscribers who participate in Friends of SWTOR cannot be referred again for 90 days.”

(Though people have been reporting that it works if you have used one within 90 days sometimes… and sometimes it even works if you are subscribed. How exactly it works is a mystery. Note if you have not subscribed recently you may still be locked at level 50, 55 or 60 if you were before.)

This does NOT unlock the expansions — you must subscribe to unlock expansions and level to max level.

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If you want more information, details and restrictions of the refer-a-friend program:

  • The system is finicky and does not always work.
  • You are completely free-to-play, never paid for anything
  • You are preferred, but you never subscribed (ex you bought cartel coins or an expansion instead)
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  • You are currently subscribed (this sometimes works though)
  • You have subscribed already too recently within 90 days (this sometimes works though)
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